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Concrete Leveling

Driveway Concrete Leveling

Raising and leveling large concrete areas like driveways is far more cost-effective than removal and replacement, and offers a permanent solution. 

Porch & Patio Leveling

Liftech has repaired 1,000’s of porches and patios around the Front Range. You can see some of the sinking concrete that we have recently come across.

Basement Floor Leveling

Your basement floor has started to sink, causing an uneven surface, cracks, and gaps that you can’t stand to live with any longer. 


Water pooling in your garage? Even worse, is the water running to your foundation? Get that water out of there and protect your foundation with Liftech’s garage floor leveling services.


Sinking sidewalk causing trip hazards? Worried about the curb appeal to your home with a janky walkway leading up to it? Fix both with Liftech’s sidewalk leveling services.


Critters living underneath your concrete? Additionally, worried about the integrity of your concrete with large voids forming underneath? Liftech offers void fill services to eliminate both problems.

Why Is My Concrete Sinking And Settling?


The building envelope where your home sits is often full of loose soil and fill from when the home was originally constructed. The vast majority of Colorado homes have basements. This means large holes are dug and the area around the foundation is over-excavated to allow for the forming of the foundation walls. This area is then “back-filled” after the foundation walls are poured. The loose fill has a tendency to settle back in over time. The Concrete structures that sit in this “compaction zone” ultimately sink and settle as the underlying soil settles back in.


 Water has a compaction effect on soil. Poor drainage around your home, combined with rain and snow melt, will evacuate the open air pockets and pores in the soil beneath your concrete. As the moisture dries out, voids will form in the soil and it often collapses upon itself taking the concrete with it. As a result your concrete starts settling, sinking, and cracking. Flooding events such as a pipe leak or burst under the concrete may also cause the same issues. However, the poly foam we use is water resistant. Consequently this can improve underlying water issues that caused the issue in the first place.


If water is constantly being driven under the concrete, the concrete will eventually fail! Despite this, many homeowners ignore the grading around their home and allow water to flow towards their foundation and the concrete around it. As soon as you identify inadequate drainage you should correct it. This coupled with leaky gutters, downspouts, extensive watering of vegetation close to the concrete will ultimately cause the soil and overlying concrete to sink. Therefore, you should correct your drainage in addition to getting your concrete leveled with Liftech.

Signs Your Colorado Home Needs Concrete Leveling

Once poor compaction, inadequate drainage, and water infiltration take a toll on your interior and exterior concrete, your concrete is no longer properly supported. Over time, this will cause cosmetic damage, additional moisture intrusion, foundation issues, cracking, and other potentially costly and hazardous issues in and around your home. further foundation damage has occurred, Liftech also specializes in foundation repair services.  Let’s take a look at the signs your home might need concrete leveling so you can take action to repair your concrete before it’s too late.

There Are Gaps Between The Baseboards & Your Floor

If you notice a gap between your baseboard molding and your floor, there’s a very good chance your floor is sinking. Polyurethane injections will lift your floor back up into place.

Signs your concrete is settling Colorado

Your Concrete Is Cracking & Uneven

There are two types of concrete here in Colorado: new concrete and cracked concrete. While it is completely normal for any concrete to have cracks in it, excessive cracking that continues to widen and grow is usually a sign that the soils underneath your concrete is unstable. Depending on a few factors, Liftech can use our state-of-the-art concrete leveling technology to raise your concrete back into place. This will also drastically reduce the risk of your concrete settling more in the future.

You Have Water Pooling In Your Garage

Properly constructed garage floors are built to move water away from the foundation towards the entrance of the garage. If water pools in your garage when you drive your vehicle in after a rain or snow storm, it is likely a sign that you floor is sinking. Polyurethane injections will correct the grade on your garage floor so water will drain properly.

Your Porch Or Patio Is 'Pulling Away' From Your Home

If you notice your concrete patio or porch starting to tilt away from your home, there’s a very good chance you could use Liftech’s concrete leveling services. Your porch will not only be restored to its original condition, but it will be more stable with a solid bed of polyurethane underneath it!

Concrete leveling in Colorado is essential.

The contraction and expansion of soils compromise all kinds of concrete structures, from flatwork to foundations.

If you find yourself in a situation with settling or unstable concrete, Liftech can help you! Our experienced technicians are experts at concrete leveling and lifting. Contact us today for a free onsite estimate!

Concrete Leveling: Poly Vs Mudjacking

Mudjacking has been in existence for over 100 years and has changed very little. Mudjacking is a highly invasive and messy process. It involves hydraulically pushing a sand and water mix (slurry) under high pressure through the concrete. The slurry is extremely heavy, weighing over 100 pounds per cubic foot. This adds a tremendous amount of weight to the failure. The mix of water and sand adds moisture to an already failing substructure which in most cases is what caused the failure. Slurry cannot repel or seal out moisture. Over time, hardened slurry tends to absorb moisture, causing it to weaken, break down, slough off, and eventually becomes part of the original failure. This is the primary reason why mudjacking is only a temporary solution.

Liftech uses a process for concrete leveling using polyurethane injections. The material is injected as a liquid, and through a chemical reaction, it forms an expandable, completely inert, closed-cell foam. This foam stabilizes the loose soils (often the root of the problem), while lifting and leveling the concrete. Polyurethane is very lightweight, weighing less than 2 Pounds per cubic foot of material. The process requires small, penny-size injection holes. This means the aftermath is much less noticeable than mudjacking. In addition, polyurethane cures as a solid and is impervious to moisture. This makes it insusceptible to fracture or failure, which ensures that the concrete repair will not only look amazing, but will last.


Concrete Leveling Truck

Concrete leveling can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. this depends on the scope of the project. Either way, by the time you get home your concrete is ready to use.


Polyurethane injections require smaller and fewer holes, and the hole repairs are virtually unnoticeable. Once the polyurethane cures, it won’t be compromised by water or chemicals in the soil. This means your concrete will avoid moisture intrusion and potential re-settlement for years to come.


Liftech offers warranties to both interior and exterior repairs to ensure that our customers stay happy and their concrete stays in place. Exterior repairs receive a 5 year warranty and interior repairs recieve lifetime warranties.


Our polyurethane is fully cured in 15 minutes. By the time we clean up and leave the job, you can use your concrete immediately! You can even park your cars on your newly repaired concrete.


Continued settlement of the soil under your concrete and under our polyurethane is always a possibility, especially when dealing with exterior concrete. Colorado soils have a very high density of clay which is porous and prone to expansion and shrinkage when introduced to water. Just as the earth moves, so does your concrete. You may notice minor seasonal shifting in your concrete up and down as the soil “breathes” but this is nothing to worry about. This is the way nature works. Our experts will also work with you to identify and correct grading and drainage issues around your home. This will help to prevent recurring issues with your concrete settling.


Make sure you choose a company that’s fully licensed and insured in your area. Only interview companies that specialize in lifting, leveling, and stabilization of concrete structures. Also, ensure that they have a long and successful track record of making such repairs. Make sure the company you use is utilizing the most current and advanced material and techniques for the job. Finally, research all of the impartial review sites and read the company reviews. These include Google, Yelp!, Home Advisor, the Better Business Bureau, NextDoor, and others.

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The Cost Of Concrete Leveling and Lifting In Colorado

Concrete leveling might seem daunting and expensive at first glance, whether you hope to fix your driveway, basement floor, garage, patio, or sidewalk. But the cost of ignoring your concrete problems or replacing your concrete altogether is likely much worse. Replacing a driveway, for example, can cost thousands of dollars.

The same goes with basement floors. Floor replacements not only tear up your finished basement creating a huge mess for you, but will also cost you tens of thousands dollars and weeks of downtime. So always start with a leveling estimate to see if you can save time, money, and hassle. Start with Liftech, end with peace of mind!

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