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FAQ: Can my concrete still move following the repair?

Absolutely! It can and more than likely it will, especially in exterior environments. Along the front Range we are dealing with highly volatile soil conditions. Most areas along the front range have soil with high concentrations of bentonite (clay). Bentonite is highly absorbent and will shrink and swell depending on it’s moisture content. Depending on the time of year soil can expand or contract depending on the level of moisture present. The concrete that is sitting on top of the soil is subject to that same movement. It’s important to know that the polymers that we inject do not fail. It is not uncommon for concrete to show signs of settlement up to as much as an inch in the summertime for repairs that were performed in spring. This is no cause for concern. There’s a very good chance that the concrete will return to its origin once moisture returns to the soil in the fall and winter. If it looks as though you’ve experienced some settlement a few months after the repair, especially in the summertime, do not be alarmed. Be patient and let’s wait to see what happens come fall or winter.