1. What is Concrete Settlement & What Causes It?

    You’ve probably seen sunken concrete slabs on the sidewalks and pavement around your home, but have you ever wondered what causes this to happen? Whether the soil foundation of your home is poorly compacted or flooding has occurred in the area, there are several reasons concrete slabs can sink and settle. When concrete settles, it can cause serious damage to the structure that it supports. In th…Read More

  2. Is Your Concrete Settling or Heaving?

    Your concrete is cracked and uneven. Whether it is your front steps, basement, garage, foundation, or driveway, you want to take care of this issue promptly before it becomes a much bigger (and more costly) problem. However, cracks in concrete are indicative of a couple of different potential issues, and it can be difficult to tell them apart without the eyes of a professional. When you need your …Read More

  3. Should I Replace or Repair My Concrete?

    Whether you have been aware that your concrete is damaged for a while, or you have just started to notice cracks, it is important for you to take care of it ASAP. However, you may have been putting it off because you are not sure whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, and therefore, how much it’s going to cost you. Rest assured, whether you need a minor or major repair, at Liftech, we will…Read More

  4. Concrete Cracks: Types and Common Causes

    Anyone who has walked down the sidewalk has seen cracks in concrete before, but may not have given much thought to them. That is, until your concrete driveway, floor, or foundation cracks and you require concrete repair services from Liftech! Fortunately, we are expert concrete contractors, so any questions you have about your concrete, we have answers. In this blog, we will go over the different …Read More

  5. Preparing Your Driveway For Winter

    Here in Colorado, we have been having unseasonably warm weather recently, but you can tell winter is coming by the frost on your car in the mornings. As the weather changes, fluctuations in temperatures can cause your concrete driveway to split and crack. When it starts to snow, water seeps into these cracks and freezes, expanding them and making them worse. Many people end up calling us for drive…Read More

  6. 5 Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

    You love your home, but even if it looks perfect from the outside, there may be underlying issues that need to be addressed. For example, when the foundation needs repair, you may not notice the signs until it is too late. That is why it is pertinent to inform yourself of the early signs of foundation repair. If you can determine the issue early on, you can potentially save thousands of dollars. I…Read More


    Liftech Corporation (www.LiftMyConcrete.com), a polyurethane concrete stabilization company founded in Colorado, has broken ground on its new headquarters in Lakewood. Liftech’s new state-of-the-art facility will be located in the Green Mountain area near Alameda Parkway and Union Boulevard – conveniently located to serve Liftech’s customers throughout the Denver Metro area and beyond. “Th…Read More


    Liftech Polyurethane Concrete Raising is a perfect solution for commercial properties and facilities with settling interior floors. We know that your company’s productivity is paramount to its success! With solutions designed for each individual project aimed at minimizing downtime and cost, we can keep your company operational and functioning! Liftech’s skilled technicians have repaired thous…Read More