How Does The Wall Stabilization Process Work?

While it may sound like an intimidating process, wall stabilization is actually pretty simple. Our Liftech team has helped stabilize many Colorado homes over the years, and we have our process down to a science. Here’s a quick overview on how our wall stabilization process works:

  • Structural walls can be repaired using helical screw anchors or power braces. Our expert staff at Liftech installs the anchors by drilling a small hole for the anchor rod to pass through the wall. From there, we excavate a hole outside to plant the bearing plate.
  • A small high-torque motor then rotates the screw anchor system into the soil.
  • As soon as the depth and predetermined torque is achieved, the anchor is terminated and a plate is mounted inside the wall to hold it in place.
  • We use a similar concept for the installation of power braces, which are anchored to the inside of the foundation wall to prevent the inward movement of the walls. If for some reason the wall needs to be moved, a sufficient amount of soil must be removed to allow the wall to move.