Driveway Failure


Driveways are high moisture areas making them highly susceptible to erosion.

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Driveway Repaired


Polyurethane raises and stabilizes the areas sealing out moisture which prevents further erosion.

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Failed Garage Floor

When garage floors settle they no longer drain properly causing moisture to erode the soil along the floors perimeter ultimately causing failure.

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Garage Floor Repaired

Polyurethane raises the failed floor to correct drainage as well as seal the perimeter to stop further moisture penetration.

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Settling Stoops

Stoops are often poured in the excavation zones around the perimeter of the foundation. When the soil settle the stoop settles with it.

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Good as New


Polyurethane expands to compress the loose, un-compacted soil while raising and stabilized the stoop back to it’s origin.

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Trip Hazards


Soil erosion can cause concrete to settle at the control joints creating dangerous trip hazards.

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You May Proceed

Polyurethane is injected to raise and stabilize uneven concrete to quickly and effectively eliminate trip hazards.

our process

A solid substrate and well compacted soils are fundamental to providing a solid foundation upon which concrete structures perform. Over time, Mother Nature takes its toll, especially here in Denver and across the Front Range. Ground water, erosion and soil decomposition can break down the structural foundation of the concrete. This is the primary source of failure for roads, bridges, sidewalks, driveways, walkways, and other concrete platforms. Liftech uses an advanced process of injecting a two part polyurethane which reacts to form a solid structure in and around voids and areas of wet or loosely compacted soils to strengthen and re-stabilize the substrate and provide a solid, water tight environment.

Concrete Problem

The Problem

Soils are susceptible to the forces of nature, causing them to contract, expand and ultimately fail. Without proper support the overlying concrete sinks, creating not only an aesthetically unappealing environment, but also a hazardous and unstable structure. Left unattended, failing concrete may lead to larger, more expensive problems. Read More

Concrete Solution

The Solution

Each failure is unique and requires careful planning by a skilled technician to design and implement a repair that will withstand the test of time. Liftech uses an advanced process to inject an expandable polymer under the concrete to raise it, and at the same time, stabilize the soil to prevent recurring failure. Read More

The final result

The Result

The process repairs and eliminates the failing condition within minutes and is ready to return to service immediately. Drainage and other issues affecting adjacent structures are remedied. The life of the concrete is extended for many more years. Read More

Liftech specializes in lifting, leveling and stabilizing all types of concrete flatwork in residential, commercial and municipal applications. We use an advanced process of injecting a light weight, expanding polyurethane foam to raise, level, and stabilize failed concrete at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Unlike mudjacking, Liftech is also a minimally invasive and permanent solution to repairing flatwork of any kind.

"We are very pleased with our experience with Liftech. We were happy with the price, and we really felt after researching the matter that the poly foam was a much better solution for concrete lifting than traditional mudjacking. A big reason we used Liftech was their professionalism. Several of the mudjackers we contacted simply never responded (as if they just didn't want the business), and the others showed up late, became irritated when I asked questions, or were deceptive. Liftech was the complete opposite: always on time and professional, very willing to answer my questions, and honest/ethical the entire time. The end result looks great, and the front walkway, which used to collect water and freeze in the winter, creating a dangerously slippery ice patch, now drains correctly. I know we made the right choice to go with Liftech." – David D.

If your concrete has created a hazardous or unappealing condition and you want it fixed for good, Liftech is the solution for you. Our application is used across the residential, commercial and municipal industries from sidewalks and driveways to roads and bridges.

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