1. How We Build and Maintain a Strong Team

    Any service business is only as good as the people who work there. That’s why Liftech owners Darren Crotchett and Brian Lehnerz are incredibly thankful to have assembled such a fantastic team. Indeed, the Liftech team is made up of smart, hard-working team players who are serious about doing quality work and making customers happy. So how do Darren and Brian do it? How do they find the right peo…Read More

  2. The Liftech Story: Meet the Owners

    Many good friends can’t (or shouldn’t) work together. Too often, failed partnerships end in failed friendships. Fortunately for Liftech co-owners Darren Crotchett and Brian Lehnerz, their friendship has only grown stronger in the years since they decided to run a company together. Liftech, a company that specializes in repairing and stabilizing concrete, has literally become the cement (didja …Read More

  3. Help Me Understand: “How Long Will My Repair Last?”

    When we fix something, we want that fix to stick. So it’s only natural that you want to know you can count on Liftech’s polyurethane concrete repair solutions to last for the long term. In that spirit, today’s blog breaks down the question of how long you can expect that foam to last, the big picture of concrete repair, and what that all means for your warranty. That Foam Isn’t Going ANYWH…Read More

  4. Meet the Team: The Ellis Brothers

    Here at Liftech, we love our team. In addition to being all-around fantastic people, they are hard workers who daily show their commitment to quality and customer service. We owe our ongoing success to their efforts. Our “Meet the team” blog series highlights some of the people who make Liftech tick. Zach Ellis Essentials Role: Polyurethane Repair Technician Total years of work experience: 6 H…Read More