1. Very prompt, professional and competent

    We found Liftech to be very prompt, professional and competent. They seemed very knowledgeable about what was going on with our concrete and what to do about it. We are satisfied!…Read More

    Herb D
  2. VERY pleased with our experience with Liftech

    We are very pleased with our experience with Liftech. We were happy with the price, and we really felt after researching the matter that the poly foam was a much better solution for concrete lifting than traditional mudjacking. A big reason we used Liftech was their professionalism. Several of the mudjackers we contacted simply never responded (as if they just didn't want the business), and the ot…Read More

    David D
  3. Saved a ton of hours!

    I saved a ton of hours not having to break out the old concrete and finding a place to haul it to, make a form, mix the new concrete and pour it not to mention the time I would have had to invest moving that small garden wall. Using Liftech was a bargain!…Read More

    Pat A
  4. Job well done

    After talking with you at the Denver Home and Garden Show we decided that your solution to our problem made the most sense...Your Liftech process of essentially "floating" 20 feet of the sidewalk back into place turned out to be the perfect solution to the problem...I was amazed at how quickly you completed the repair and at a very reasonable cost to us. Well below the hundreds, if not thousands, …Read More

    Eva and Spence K.
  5. Couldn’t be happier

    We used Liftech after two other mudjacking companies and a general contractor all told us it would be impossible to lift the badly sunken concrete stairs and that they would have to be torn out and replaced. We couldn’t be happier with the fact that Liftech proved them all wrong, lifting the stairs attached to our commercial office building nearly six inches and eliminating the tripping hazard t…Read More

    Patricia W
  6. On time and less than the traditional companies we spoke with

    We needed to lift our concrete slab in our garage and talked to numerous mudjacking companies. Liftech was by far the most professional and service oriented. The job was done on time and for less than the traditional mudjacking companies we spoke with.…Read More

    Bill H
  7. Prompt, clean, courteous and thorough

    Not only will we give you a referral, but we would like you to come back for more work at your convenience! We did not do the driveway bump at the bottom and would like you to repair that when you can. Anyone who would like a referral can even come and look at our sidewalk repair if they would like... it is so much better and I never fear people tripping again. It has been one year and we are so p…Read More

    Chris P
  8. Very professional manner at a reasonable cost

    Liftech did extensive work on my garage, driveway and sidewalk. It was all done in about six and one-half hours. There were only small holes put in the areas that needed work which is very much different than with mud jacking. The work was done in a very professional manner at a reasonable cost. I have and would recommend Liftech to others that need this type of work performed at their house or bu…Read More

    Lloyd W.
  9. A Very Professional Experience

    From the moment we began working with Liftech, it was a very professional experience, from the original estimate through the collection of all necessary paperwork and through the completion of the project. The actual repair work was completed as planned with minimal disruption to our work place and the finished product was so much better than I thought was going to be possible. I would highly reco…Read More

    Jennifer R