Not only will we give you a referral, but we would like you to come back for more work at your convenience! We did not do the driveway bump at the bottom and would like you to repair that when you can. Anyone who would like a referral can even come and look at our sidewalk repair if they would like… it is so much better and I never fear people tripping again. It has been one year and we are so pleased. You came promptly and Liftech was so much better than mudjacking… we have seen mudjacking repairs all over Grant Ranch and they are dropping dramatically. It was one half the price of replacing and looks great! You even filled in under our front porch and it looks so much better. You cleaned up after yourself nicely and I’ve hardly ever seen someone work so hard! Liftech was prompt, clean, courteous and thorough. Highly recommended. Five stars. Call when you are in the area and you are hired again!

Chris P