Don’t Put Up With Unsightly Cement

Is your cement flaking or pitting on the surface? This very common and unappealing condition is called spalling or scaling and is often seen in colder climates where freeze-thaw cycles and deicing chemicals are prevalent (like Colorado!). Freezing causes the water in the capillaries of the concrete to expand, creating pressure. Over time, the expansive pressure from repeated cycles of freezing and thawing can break away the top surface of the concrete, leaving pit marks and exposing the coarse aggregate. Deicing chemicals only aggravate the already-stressed concrete by allowing more water to migrate into the concrete, eventually increasing the size and depth of the spalling failures when a freeze occurs. This condition will continue to grow and expand over time leaving homeowners with unsightly cement with a much shorter lifespan before it needs replaced. 

How Liftech Can Help

Liftech offers spalling mitigation in Colorado that can treat this condition rather than replacing the affected areas. We use a polymer-modified cement, which is a mixture of Portland cement, silica aggregate and polymers. This material can be mixed thicker or thinner depending on the depth of the damage needing repaired. Our sealing and resurfacing is a convenient, time and cost-saving alternative to tearing out and replacing an existing concrete slab. With an overlay, you can give worn and lackluster concrete a clean and neat appearance in as little as a day! Contact us to get your free estimate.