After your concrete floor has been leveled and stabilized there may still be existing cracks in the concrete that need to be dealt with. Any cracks in the concrete will act like a joint allowing the concrete to expand and contract throughout the seasons which can cause separation or displacement in the crack. This ongoing movement makes it difficult to install hard surface flooring or concrete coatings because the ongoing movement in the cracks can transfer through that newly laid tile floor or epoxy coating. INTRODUCING CRACK LOCK™ by Rhino™. Cracks in floors can now be LOCKED in place, eliminating the ongoing movement allowing for the installation of hard surface flooring or specialty coatings and will ensure that those surfaces will perform. It’s a low invasive repair that can be performed immediately following the concrete raising process. The repair can usually be completed and ready for use within a few hours. Ask your sales representative about the CRACK LOCK™ carbon fiber crack repair system for your floor.