Just a few minutes from Fort Collins and a short drive away from the Denver Metro area, Windsor is one of the best-kept secrets in Northern Colorado. This is a town for those who crave a laid-back lifestyle, plenty of outdoor space to roam around and relax (Windsor has over 25 parks and a huge lake for boating and swimming), and easy access to amenities and nightlife of the city.

The Need For Concrete Leveling in Windsor

Northern Colorado sits on top of subsurface clay and other porous sediments. When exposed to water, these sediments expand. Too much expansion, and your home’s foundation could be compromised. Treating this clay and injecting it with water to within a few percent of its optimum moisture content can reduce the risk of foundation problems — but it isn’t necessarily the industry standard. Older homes might not incorporate this strategy to prevent foundation problems, which means your WIndsor home could be at risk.

Trust Your Colorado Foundation Repair Experts

Liftech is proud to provide foundation repair services to keep your home or business in Windsor stable for years to come. Using a custom polyblend technology and decades of experience, our technicians will lift, level, and stabilize your foundation, reducing chances your that your foundation will crack, settle, of shift. Stop worrying about your foundation — schedule a free estimate with Liftech today.


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