Timnath was once a tiny town across the interstate from southeast Fort Collins — but now, it’s one of the fastest growing areas in Northern Colorado. There’s plenty of like about the area — with easy access to I-25, Horsetooth Reservoir, and Rocky Mountain National Park, Timnath is becoming a popular destination (new homes and developments are popping up left and right) for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Fort Collins proper, while still having amenities within their grasp.

The Need For Concrete Leveling in Timnath

Most Northern Colorado homes are built on top of subsurface clays and other sediments — and these sediments are prone to expansion when exposed to water and moisture. If too much expansion occurs, your home’s foundation could be compromised. New constructions treat this clay and inject it with water to within a few percent of its optimum moisture content — but it isn’t necessarily the industry standard. If a construction company skips these steps to cut corners and save money, your home might be at risk for settling, shifting, and foundation damage.

Trust Your Colorado Foundation Repair Experts

Liftech is proud to provide foundation repair services to keep your home or business in Timnath strong and steady. Our technicians use a custom polyblend to lift, level, and stabilize your foundation, which reduces the risk of cracks, shifting, or other damage. Stop worrying about your foundation — schedule a free estimate with Liftech today.


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