Located between the Denver Metro Area and the Rockies of southern Colorado, Sedalia offers wide open spaces and a peaceful atmosphere while still being close to the state’s wealth of big-city amenities and breathtaking scenery. As neighbors to Castle Rock, Sedalia residents have a quick 15-minute drive to local shops, grocery stores, and the stately Castle Pines Golf Club. Blink and you might miss this tiny Colorado town — but you’d be missing a gem of the Front Range.

The Need For Concrete Leveling in Sedalia

A large percentage of Colorado homes sit atop a table of expansive clays — which, when exposed to water, can expand and compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation. To avoid this problem, clay is often treated — or more specifically, injected with water to within a few percent of its optimum moisture content — before a new home’s foundation forms are placed. This strategy is often combined with heavy-duty compaction of subgrade clay soils to prevent the settling and shifting of homes later down the road.

Many structures in the Sedalia area are on the older side — if their foundations were not placed correctly or with the right materials, you could be in for a litany of foundation and concrete problems.

Trust Your Colorado Foundation Repair Experts

Liftech is proud to provide foundation repair services to keep your home or business as structurally sound as possible. We use a special polyblend (similar to mudjacking, but optimized for Colorado foundations) to give you the best results possible. Our approach to concrete lifting and foundation is based on long-term stability, which means the results will be long-lasting and cost-effective. Protect your home — schedule a free estimate today.


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