The town of Mead was founded in 1907, and until recently, it has been known as a very small settlement. Colorado’s recent influx of residents moving into the state for a wide number of reasons has helped to put Mead on the map, offering new individuals a perfect place to settle down and establish a life. Mead is quickly becoming a top location along the Front Range, blending the small-town feel with a convenient location near the big city of Denver, the mountains to the west, and everything in between. The influx of new houses is exciting for developers and residents alike, yet this flurry of construction can come with some potentially costly setbacks!

The Need for Concrete Leveling in Mead

Soil quality is a determining factor in the long-term success of a new home. Unfortunately, much of Colorado sits on a table of expansive clays, creating serious challenges for builders. When not properly prepared, dry soil has the potential to expand when exposed to water. A normal approach to avoid this is to treat the clays before placing the forms for a home foundation, adding water until the soil is within a couple percent of its optimum moisture content. In addition to conditioning the subgrade of a home, the process of compacting the soil properly is essential to prevent the home from settling later on.

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Mead also sits directly along the I-25 corridor, creating logistical concerns for developers and builders in relation to soil relocation and the remnants of past farming enterprises. Combining the concerns of what material you place beneath your home with the risks of not placing that soil correctly can create a worrisome picture for many new homeowners. If the company that built your Mead home failed to follow proper procedures during the construction phase, you may be left with a plethora of concrete problems!

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Liftech is proud to deploy an arsenal of quality concrete repair services to restore your home or business to its original glory. Our process is similar to mudjacking, except our poly blend was formulated to provide better results. From concrete raising services for uneven sidewalks and driveways to full-scale foundation repairs, the Liftech team is here and ready to help. Our comprehensive approach to concrete lifting, settling, and buckling ensures that you are receiving long-term results that are both long-lasting and cost-effective. Contact us today by filling out the form below to learn more about our concrete repair services!


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