If you live in Longmont, you’re probably accustomed to all of the wonderful amenities that Colorado has to offer. From taking tours of quality craft breweries such as the Left Hand Brewing Company to fishing and boating in St. Vrain State Park, Colorado locals have plenty of enjoyable activities to choose from. While this populated city in Weld and Boulder County has a lot to offer and works as a centralized hub for much of Colorado’s happenings, Longmont is also home to the state’s considerable soil concerns.

Soil Stabilization Needed for Colorado Clays

Our high desert has a serious challenge when it comes to soil preparation for construction, from prepping the subgrade for sidewalks and highways to properly backfilling foundation walls. The biggest problem with Colorado’s native materials is how expansive many of the fatty clays are. Bentonite, for example, is one aluminum phyllosilicate clay that is known for being very absorbent. In fact, pure bentonite can expand up to 15 times its original size when introduced to moisture. When mixed in with other soils, this clay can be expected to expand up to 25 percent when dry and introduced to water. Expansive soils are prevalent across the Front Range, making cities such as Longmont a prime candidate for concrete repair services. When you consider how much potential exists for swelling and settling, it’s easy to see why Liftech is has become so popular for concrete leveling and foundation repairs in Colorado.

Concrete Repairs for Longmont Homes

The overall proximity to the St. Vrain River and the prevalence of expansive clays makes Longmont a premier source for foundation and slab settling complications. Liftech’s concrete contractors are here to help! Our concrete raising services feature a unique poly blend that works similarly to mudjacking, raising your sunken slab to restore it to a level condition. This service can be especially useful for sidewalks and driveways, where uneven surfaces can create serious safety concerns.

Foundation repairs are an intensive service that often serve to restore the structural integrity of a home or business and avoid costly repairs in the process. Settlement from improperly compacted soils can create serious concerns for your Longmont home. Our crew specializes in repairing your concrete foundation, utilizing a wide range of tools and methods such as wall anchors, helical piers, and polyurethane injections to create a comprehensive solution.

If your home is facing serious structural concerns, or if your sidewalks and slabs are settling and cracking, be sure to reach out Liftech. We specialize in slab and foundation repairs in Colorado, and we work hard to restore your home in a way that is both durable and cost-effective. Contact us today or fill out the form below to get started!


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