Johnstown is home to just under 10,000 people, featuring a small-town feel with large scale growth. Since the development of 2534 and the continual expansion of Centerra on Highway 34, more and more people are moving to Johnstown to reside close to the action while still living in a quiet area. Northern Colorado is exploding right now, and the demand for more houses and facilities has created a push for new construction. On every side of town, new housing developments are being constructed to meet the fast growth of our beautiful state.

The Need for Concrete Repair Services in Johnstown

Unfortunately, the push for housing on former farmland has created a problem for many Johnstown homeowners. Many citizens who have moved into newer homes that were built in the last five years are now facing a myriad of complications resulting from settling concrete. Two widely known builders are currently facing class action lawsuits by citizens of towns such as Windsor and Johnstown, where the flux of new housing is now paired with widespread structural concerns. Residents have complained of sunken driveways, garage floors, sidewalks, patios, basements, and more. One report from a local news source cited that some residents actually had weeds growing through their living room floor!

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The newest neighborhoods in this quiet community are now dealing with foundation problems that may compromise the entirety of their new investment. The combination of unstabilized soils and shoddy workmanship may be to blame for much of the problems. Some homeowners have also called in to complain about the state of their home’s plumbing and sprinkler systems. Extreme settling has created alignment issues, where new holes and fittings need to be installed to keep up with the movement of your home’s foundation. While legal action is pending against these builders to recoup the inconvenience and expense of living in a structurally unsound building, many homeowners are in need of immediate concrete repair services.

Our Concrete Leveling Services Can Help

Repairing the sunken slabs and split steps in your home can help to rectify much of the stress and concern associated with your home. Liftech’s team of foundation repair experts can work with you to create a personalized care plan to effectively mitigate the consequences of poor soil preparation and low-quality workmanship. Similar to mudjacking, our polyurethane injections work to repair settlement issues and raise your slabs back to their original form. As one of only three companies in Colorado certified to perform this concrete raising service, we’re confident that our team can provide concrete leveling for all of your slabs.

Foundation repairs can help to make a home safer and save its integrity for the long term. The unique soils of the Front Range, when combined with improper soil conditioning services, can create serious concerns for the structural integrity of your home. Let the Liftech team repair your concrete foundation in a way that is as comprehensive as it is cost-effective.

Johnstown residents are facing a wide range of home woes in their lives, but help is available. If you are in need of the best concrete repair services in Colorado, be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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