As the biggest city in Weld County, Greeley stands as the go-to place for residents from all around. From concerts at the Civic Center to the quiet miles of the Poudre River Trail, citizens have a wide range of things to do while going about their daily lives. The ample farmland and plethora of oil rigs have made Greeley one of the fastest growing cities in the state, making property highly sought after.

Unfortunately, the unique mixture of soils that have developed over the course of thousands of years here along the Front Range has made soil preparation for construction an intense task. As a high plain, this flat land has received different soils from events including severe flooding. The result is a mixture of sands, clays, and gravel that can make soil compaction a challenge.

The Best Concrete Raising Services in Greeley

Because of the high rates of concrete and foundation settlement, Liftech was formed to find a suitable answer. Our concrete repair experts can arrive at your house or business, inspect the concrete and soils in question, and deliver a quality result with our patented polyurethane blend. When soil is not compacted correctly, shifting and settling can occur at great cost to the look, level, and safety of your concrete. Our concrete leveling services are fast and cost-effective, representing a lightweight alternative to mudjacking.

Foundation Repair for Greeley Structures

Unfortunately, excessively unstable soils can lead to structural concerns for your home or business. If left unrepaired, you may lose your structure entirely. Modern technology has created major advances in the concrete repair industry, and our Liftech services are here to prove it. From wall anchors to piers and more, our experts are here and ready to get to work in both stabilizing and leveling the foundation of your building.

For the best results, reach out to Liftech today to fix your concrete issues. Our team is here and ready to provide fast, safe, effective results for your building. Contact us today or fill out the form below to get started!


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