If you blink, you might miss Franktown — but you’d be missing a small-town gem of Central Colorado. Located east of Castle Rock and southeast of the Denver Metro Area, Franktown offers peaceful living, wide open spaces, easy access to Castle Rock, and amazing views of the nearby mountains.

The Need For Concrete Leveling in Franktown

Most Colorado homes are built on top of subsurface clays and other sediments — and when these sediments are exposed to water, they expand. This can compromise the state of the foundation of your home. Treating this clay and injecting it with water to within a few percent of its optimum moisture content often helps to reduce the risk of foundation shifting and home damage — but all construction companies go to these lengths to secure your foundation.

Trust Your Colorado Foundation Repair Experts

Liftech is proud to provide foundation repair services to keep your Franktown home in excellent shape. Our technicians use a custom polyblend to lift, level, and stabilize your foundation, which reduces the risk of cracks, shifting, or other damage. Stop worrying about your foundation — schedule a free estimate with Liftech today.


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