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Fort Collins Foundation Repair and Concrete Leveling Services

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We at Liftech provide free estimates for all of our high-quality, long-lasting foundation repair services, including:

Fort Collins’ Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair Experts

Fort Collins is a wonderful city in northern Colorado that features an Old Town historic district, specialty shops, and an abundance of restaurants. If you’ve been living in Fort Collins for the past decade, you’ve likely seen tremendous growth take place. With the uprise of people moving to northern Colorado for school, work, and retirement, homebuilders have been working tirelessly to construct new homes and apartments to meet the population demand. Unfortunately, many construction companies have built homes on poorly compacted soil, which can lead to issues with your home’s concrete and foundation. Luckily, the professionals at Liftech are here to help if anything goes wrong.

The soil in Colorado has a tendency to expand and contract, which can result in your home shifting or settling over time. If you notice this is happening, give our expert team at Liftech a call immediately. We can quickly diagnose the issue at hand and provide high-quality, effective concrete repair and foundation repair services to make sure your house is safe and strong. To learn more about our process, services, pricing, and more, give us a call today!


Fort Collins Concrete and Foundation Repair Experts

Have you started to notice cracks in your home’s driveway, basement, garage, or sidewalk? If so, there’s a good chance your home was built on loose soil or porous clay, which can cause your concrete to settle and sink over time. Rather than pay a tremendous amount of money to completely replace your concrete, Liftech offers a more cost-effective solution to raise and level your concrete. We utilize polyurethane injections to effectively stabilize the underlying soil of your home or property, without disrupting your surrounding landscape. We offer a host of concrete repair and foundation repair services, including:

We have over 10,000 satisfied customers that have used our services. Find out why we are Fort Collins’ preferred concrete leveling and foundation repair company by contacting our team today. We provide free, accurate estimates and will leave your home stronger and more stable than ever before. For additional information or questions, get in touch with our Liftech team today

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  1. Very prompt, professional and competent

    We found Liftech to be very prompt, professional and competent. They seemed very knowledgeable about what was going on with our concrete and what to do about it. We are satisfied!…Read More

    Herb D
  2. VERY pleased with our experience with Liftech

    We are very pleased with our experience with Liftech. We were happy with the price, and we really felt after researching the matter that the poly foam was a much better solution for concrete lifting than traditional mudjacking. A big reason we used Liftech was their professionalism. Several of the m…Read More

    David D
  3. Saved a ton of hours!

    I saved a ton of hours not having to break out the old concrete and finding a place to haul it to, make a form, mix the new concrete and pour it not to mention the time I would have had to invest moving that small garden wall. Using Liftech was a bargain!…Read More

    Pat A
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