Firestone is proudly situated in Weld County and plays host to a plethora of parks and scenic trails; 35 parks and and 12 miles of trails, to be exact. This town was rated one of the best places to live in the country, creating a growth that has not been seen here in years. People from all over the globe are moving here for the open spaces, the convenient location between hubs such as Fort Collins and Denver, and to find some real estate that is not out of reach due to Colorado’s hot property market.

Concrete Raising Services for Firestone Residents

Unfortunately, Firestone is no stranger to complications arising from issues with concrete settling. Many of the houses located here have been in place for a while, allowing plenty of time for improperly prepared soils to pump and settle. Any soils that were not compacted properly will settle over time, sinking your concrete slabs to unsafe levels. The Front Range is notorious for inclement weather, and the ever-changing weather conditions along the I-25 corridor create a unique problem for many residents in the area when it comes to soil conditions. Additionally, surveyors have noted a range of native soils in Firestone, ranging from gritty sands to fatty clay mixes. Without professional help, this assortment of soil could have been placed with improper levels of moisture and compaction, resulting in a major headache for homeowners later on.

Concrete Repair Services for Firestone Homes

If you are in the midst of deciding on whether or not to replace your sunken driveway, basement, or foundation, worry not! Liftech is proud to be Colorado’s concrete repair specialists, utilizing our patented polyurethane injections to help level and restore your impacted structures. Our experienced technicians are here and ready to deliver quality results with long-term solutions. If you notice issues with the concrete in your home or business, it’s important to contact our concrete raising specialists to minimize the damage and hazards associated with this problem. Typical settlement issues will exhibit signs such as:

  • Cracks in the drywall or masonry, typically extending up to the corner of the wall.
  • Leaning or unnaturally bowing walls, with uneven weight distribution being placed.
  • Cracks in the concrete, including your foundation and basement.
  • Uneven chimneys, where foundational settling can separate this structure from the building.
  • Uneven garage frames, as the shifting foundation works independently from the home’s framing.

Liftech is proud to be Colorado’s foundation repair specialists, offering services from concrete leveling to soil stabilization to restore the concrete in your Firestone home or business. Contact us today at 888-267-1153 or fill out the form below for your quote!


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