Englewood is a wonderful city in Colorado that people flock to due to its central location. Just a mere 20 minutes from the heart of downtown Denver, Englewood is known to have a funky, college-town vibe as it houses the University of Denver. Situated across from two large reservoirs where residents and visitors can enjoy numerous water activities, Englewood is an ideal place to call home.

Unfortunately, many homes and businesses throughout Englewood were quickly constructed on very loose clay and poorly compacted soils. This can lead to serious problems when it comes to the concrete in your basement, driveway, or patio. If you’ve started to notice that the concrete around your home or walkways has begun to crack, contact the professionals at Liftech today!

Concrete Raising & Repair in Englewood

Many homeowners and business owners throughout Englewood have come to find that their property was constructed on expansive clay and loose soil. This can lead to a myriad of problems when it comes to the concrete in your garage, porch, and driveway. At Liftech, we offer industry-leading soil stabilization services to assist with residential and commercial concrete cracks and sinkage. Don’t wait until it’s too late to contact a professional. If you are an Englewood resident and your concrete is sinking, give us a call for a cost-effective and advanced alternative to replacement or mudjacking!

Foundation Repair in Englewood

When the foundation of your structure has been compromised, your home becomes a ticking time bomb for larger, more expensive repairs. If you’ve started to notice cracks in the foundation of your Englewood home or business, get in touch with the experts at Liftech today. As a leading provider of foundation repair services in Colorado, we’ll do everything we can to repair your home or business’s foundation and we’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction!


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