The city of Centennial is located in Arapahoe County and covers nearly 28 square miles of gorgeous hills, gullies, and ravines. With the variety of recreational activities including trails and parks, Centennial is a wonderful place to hike, bike, and explore with the family. This prominent town is also host to the diverse wildlife that can only be found in Colorado. It seems that people from all over are moving to Centennial to build their homes, and the growth we’ve seen in recent years has been truly incredible! Like most soil along the Front Range, Centennial is no stranger to shifting and loose soils, which is a recipe for disaster for quickly constructed homes. If you’ve started to notice that the concrete in your walkway or driveway has begun to crack, it may be time to contact a professional.

At Liftech, we’re proud to offer concrete raising and foundation repair services to residents throughout Centennial. Whether the concrete in your basement, driveway, or garage has started to crack and shift, our professionals can help. Contact our experts today to learn more about our concrete raising and foundation repair services!

Centennial Concrete Raising ServicesWalkway repair in progress from Liftech

While living in the wonderful city of Centennial offers many benefits to homeowners and business owners, we’ve found that many structures have been built on poorly compacted soils. This can have a negative effect on your concrete, which can sink and settle over the course of time. If you are a Centennial resident and your concrete is sinking, give us a call for a cost-effective and advanced alternative to replacement or mudjacking

Centennial Foundation Repair

If your home or business was built in expansive clay or improperly compacted soils, it may cause your structure to fail. Don’t wait until it’s too late to contact a professional to help with the foundation repair of your home. Call the experts at Liftech today!


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