People from all over the country move to Castle Rock, Colorado for its cozy small town feel, picturesque scenery, and modern day amenities. When you take a stroll through the historic downtown, you can enjoy a variety of eateries and local stores where you’re sure to find something unique. With 265 acres of parks and 44 miles of trails, outdoor enthusiasts flock to this city for a permanent retreat. Sitting just at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Castle Rock has experienced explosive growth over the past century. With homes being built at an alarming pace, many residential and commercial structures were constructed on sandy or porous clay soils. This can cause devastating effects to your home’s concrete and foundation. If you are a Castle Rock resident and your concrete is sinking, give us a call for a cost-effective and advanced alternative to replacement or mudjacking!

Concrete Raising For Castle Rock Homes & Businesses

Many homeowners along the Front Range can attest to the effects that porous clay and loose soils can have on your home. If you’ve started to notice the concrete on your patio, sidewalk, or basement floor start to crack, it’s time to contact a professional right away. At Liftech, we offer unparalleled concrete raising services throughout the state of Colorado. If you need assistance raising your basement floor, driveway, or sidewalk, we can help. Contact us today for an on-site estimate.

Castle Rock Foundation Repair Services

The foundation of your home is critical to the success of your home’s structure. If your house was built on loosely compacted soils, the foundation of your home may experience devastating effects down the line. If you’ve already started to notice strange cracks in your home’s foundation, it’s important to contact a professional foundation repair company right away. If you need foundation repair assistance in the Castle Rock area, call the experts at Liftech today!


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