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Boulder Foundation Repair and Concrete Leveling Services

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Our Liftech team offers the best concrete leveling and foundation repair services in Boulder, including:

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Boulder’s Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair Experts

he wonderful city of Boulder offers many benefits for residents and visitors alike. Tucked away into a picturesque valley just below the iconic Flatirons, Boulder boasts a thriving tech industry and supports a renowned entrepreneurial community. While this city is a favorite among Coloradans, it’s certainly not perfect. The city of Boulder sits in a floodplain, and when flooding occurs, it can cause extreme soil erosion. If you own a home here, there’s a good chance your home was constructed on porous clay soil. This type of foundation allows concrete to settle quickly, which can make your home’s concrete foundation, driveways, and walkways all susceptible to failure.

Our Liftech team has extensive experience and training in working with all types of concrete and foundational issues. We are able to pinpoint what is causing the problem, and provide effective, affordable solutions that will last for years to come. As soon as you notice signs of foundation failure or cracked concrete, give us a call. We provide free estimates and will provide honest, dependable services you can count on. We have over 10,000 satisfied customers that have used our services, and we would love to exceed your expectations next. Find out why so many people turn toward our foundation repair company by contacting our Liftech team today.


Boulder Concrete and Foundation Repair Services

If your home was constructed on expansive clay, loose soil, or improperly compacted soils, it could cause your structure to fail. Older homes are much more susceptible to these issues, especially if they don’t have the additional structural support of piers and footings. Without a solid foundation, your home could be a ticking time bomb for big and expensive repairs down the line. If you’ve started to notice cracks in your foundation, a sagging roofline, or a leaning chimney, this could be a sign that your foundation is sinking. Get in touch with our team as soon as you notice any of those signs. We offer a host of concrete repair and foundation repair services, including:

Uneven concrete can lead to serious property damage, not to mention it causes a huge safety hazard for your family. At Liftech, we’re proud to be a leading provider of concrete raising services across Colorado. Whether you need assistance raising your basement floor, driveway, or sidewalk, we can help. Request an on-site estimate today to get started. For additional information about our process, services, or pricing, contact our professionals today!

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  1. Very prompt, professional and competent

    We found Liftech to be very prompt, professional and competent. They seemed very knowledgeable about what was going on with our concrete and what to do about it. We are satisfied!…Read More

    Herb D
  2. VERY pleased with our experience with Liftech

    We are very pleased with our experience with Liftech. We were happy with the price, and we really felt after researching the matter that the poly foam was a much better solution for concrete lifting than traditional mudjacking. A big reason we used Liftech was their professionalism. Several of the m…Read More

    David D
  3. Saved a ton of hours!

    I saved a ton of hours not having to break out the old concrete and finding a place to haul it to, make a form, mix the new concrete and pour it not to mention the time I would have had to invest moving that small garden wall. Using Liftech was a bargain!…Read More

    Pat A
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