Unstable soil underneath concrete roadways, sidewalks, bridges and related infrastructures can cause hazardous conditions for the public. New York City settled $60 million in trip hazard lawsuits in one year alone! See our in-depth page on fixing trip hazards here. Utilizing polyurethane injections, Liftech works with municipalities to quickly and effectively repair high traffic areas with minimal disruption; whether a highway, street, bridge or sidewalk, and we complete those jobs with minimal impact and downtime.

Liftech has vast experience in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and surrounding communities and the knowledge to deal with all types of soil conditions and concrete problems. Our advanced concrete raising and stabilization process utilizes environmentally safe polymer foam to not only lift falling roads and sidewalks, but also prevent future soil degradation.  Our advanced foundation repair process utilizes industry best practices and technology for permanent structural repairs.

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