Liftech Polyurethane Concrete Raising is a perfect solution for commercial properties and facilities with settling interior floors. We know that your company’s productivity is paramount to its success! With solutions designed for each individual project aimed at minimizing downtime and cost, we can keep your company operational and functioning! Liftech’s skilled technicians have repaired thousands of square feet of commercial property space, including warehouse floors, interior office space floors, dining room floors in restaurants, data center floors, and office restroom floors, just to name a few.

Our concrete lifting process takes hours, not days, and fully cures in about 15 minutes! This ensures little to no interruption to your employees and their productivity! Additionally, we can often schedule the repair outside of your office hours to further reduce any disruption to work flow. Liftech saves your company time!

Our polyurethane lift is typically half the cost of concrete demolition and replacement. Plus, we keep your business functioning with little to no downtime! Liftech saves your company money!

We drill penny-size injection holes into the concrete with very little mess and a quick clean up. None of the material is loose. The equipment is contained in a truck or trailer and the polyurethane foam is delivered with a single hose directly into the drill holes, which are then filled with a cement material. Liftech is minimally invasive!

Give Liftech a call at 303-688-7979 today for your free estimate! Your concrete might be letting your company down, but Liftech has the time saving and money saving solutions for you!

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