Monitoring the width of foundation cracks is ultimately the best way to avoid costly foundation repairs. Find 90-degree corners in your home where cracks originate, and measure the width of the cracks twice — for good measure, of course. Repeat this process frequently. If you notice a crack beginning to widen and one end, or the crack you’re measuring is a half-inch or wider, it’s time to get a professional foundation inspection.

Choose The Foundation Crack Repair Experts

The earth is constantly moving, and so is your home — so it’s only natural all that shifting, expanding, and contracting can cause damage to your home’s foundation and compromise its structural integrity. It takes the careful eye of you, the homeowner, to notice signs of trouble, identify foundation cracks, and call the professionals, and protect your home.

That’s where Liftech can help. As Colorado’s leader in foundation repair, our crack repair technicians and foundation inspectors can identify the root cause of your cracks, seal them up, and provide foundation corrections that can keep your home safe and stable for years to come. It’s better to call us too early than too late — an inexpensive foundation inspection and crack repair is always better than the alternative: expensive repairs or irreversible home damage. Call Liftech today to keep your home safe.