1. What to Expect from Your Liftech Concrete Lifting and Leveling Project

    Introducing Our “What to Expect” Blog Series Concrete is everywhere: below your basement carpeting, making up the foundation of your house or office building, under the roads and bridges you drive on, and in the sidewalks and stoops lining your neighborhood. Concrete is everywhere, but – unless you have a background in engineering or construction – you probably don’t know much about it. …Read More

  2. Walkway repair in progress from Liftech

    Help Me Understand: “Why Is My Concrete Settling?”

    Your driveway is sinking. Every day when you come home from work, you wince, wondering how bad it’s going to get. Or maybe it’s your settling sidewalk that’s the culprit. Lately, you’ve noticed that when your 90-something-year-old neighbor walks by with his tremendously low-to-the-ground bulldog, he’s started glaring in the general direction of your house. Or maybe it’s just a lengthen…Read More

  3. Preparing Your Driveway For Winter

    Here in Colorado, we have been having unseasonably warm weather recently, but you can tell winter is coming by the frost on your car in the mornings. As the weather changes, fluctuations in temperatures can cause your concrete driveway to split and crack. When it starts to snow, water seeps into these cracks and freezes, expanding them and making them worse. Many people end up calling us for drive…Read More


    WHEN HIRING A COMPANY FOR LIFTING AND LEVELING CONCRETE SURFACES, THE FOLLOWING ARE A FEW TIPS TO CONSIDER IN MAKING YOUR DECISION: 1. Look for a company with a great website. These are companies who know what it takes to get initial inquiries and are willing to pay for internet advertising. These companies pay monthly fees to maintain their site but are willing to make the sacrifice for good busi…Read More