Our customer Ryan is a contractor who was hired to construct an addition on this 43 year old home in Centennial, Colorado. He is planning to build onto his clients already existing kitchen, creating more living space and needed to extend the foundation 2.5 feet in order to do so. We started by excavating the entire area, and driving 6 helical piers all the way down until they hit bed rock, which can sometimes reach depths of 25 feet or lower. Helical piers are a more efficient option than traditional caissons which are typically much larger columns made of concrete. Due to their smaller footprint, which causes less surface friction, this method is far less likely to shift after being installed. Liftech prides themselves in having not only the best quality work in the industry, but also in completing work efficiently.Helical Piers stabilizing new foundation wall.

These piers will be used to stabilize the new addition, acting as anchors in the continually shifting Colorado soil. After this, we will set up the forms for the new foundation wall.Concrete form being built for pouring and curing the foundation wall.

Once this step is complete, it is time to pour the concrete into the constructed form. The wooden form acts as a mold for the new concrete.

New Concrete being poured in the form. FInished Foundation Wall.

Once the new wall has time to cure, and the forms are removed, it is time to back fill the area!

Completed foundation wall after being backfilled.

The crew was able to Excavate the area, drive 6 Helical Piers, install the foundation forms, and pour the new wall, all within 3 days time. This foundation is now ready for the addition that Ryan is set to build!

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