Preparing Your Driveway For Winter

Here in Colorado, we have been having unseasonably warm weather recently, but you can tell winter is coming by the frost on your car in the mornings. As the weather changes, fluctuations in temperatures can cause your concrete driveway to split and crack. When it starts to snow, water seeps into these cracks and freezes, expanding them and making them worse. Many people end up calling us for driveway repair come spring because of the damaging Colorado winters. Your driveway is a major investment, and you want to do your best to prevent needing these repairs frequently. Read our blog here and tips on preparing your driveway for the cold season.

Check for cracks before it snows

Surprisingly, we haven’t had our first snow yet in the Denver metro area, so there is still time to properly prepare your driveway for winter weather. First thing you should do is go check your driveway for any cracks or splits. If your driveway is already cracking and splitting, come spring, you may need an entirely new driveway. If you do find cracks, contact Liftech right away, and we can come repair your concrete now by sealing those cracks so your driveway is best prepared for winter.

Invest in the right ice melt

Come winter, your driveway can get quite icy, so you want to add something that will melt away that ice and add traction for your tires. However, not all ice melts are good for your driveway. Some contain harsh chemicals that will corrode the concrete. It is best to invest in a calcium-based ice melt now, which causes far less damage than other formulas.

Clean your driveway

Before the snow hits, make sure your driveway is clean and ready for winter. When it snows on top of debris such as leaves, rocks, oil, and dirt, additional damage may be caused. If your driveway is clear when it finally snows, however, it will stand a better chance. Powerwash the driveway now before the weather turns.

Make sure you have the right tools

Before the first snow falls, you want to be sure that your snow removal tools are in tip-top shape. Check your snowblowers and shovels for signs of disrepair. A snow blower is going to make it a lot easier to remove snow without causing damage, and a chipped shovel can actually cause damage to your driveway when you are shoveling snow if you get it caught in a crack.

Check your drainage

Make sure that you have proper drainage from your driveway. In Colorado, it is common for it to snow overnight, and for the snow to subsequently melt away under the hot sun in the afternoon. Without proper drainage, this can create pools of melted snow in your driveway, which in turn, gets between any cracks and freezes. To prevent this, ensure you have proper drainage.

At Liftech, we want to make sure your driveway is prepared this winter. Call us if you need any concrete repair before winter to make sure your driveway is in tip-top shape. If, come spring, your driveway has been damaged, we can help then, too. Contact Litech for a concrete repair contractor in the Denver metro area!