Preserve & Maintain Your Concrete

If you are looking for great performance at a low cost, acrylic concrete sealing is a good choice in Colorado to preserve and maintain your concrete over the near-term. Acrylic sealers are ideal for projects where easy application and budget are important. They can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces to form a thin, protective film that provides good protection against water and chloride intrusion, while permitting moisture in the slab to escape. They are also UV resistant and non-yellowing. Available in a range of sheen levels, they also can be used to enhance the beauty of colored, stamped or exposed-aggregate concrete. They also protect the permeable surface of cement, mitigating spalling caused by Colorado’s freeze/ thaw cycles. In Colorado, Liftech’s 30 percent solid acrylic sealer should provide protection for 2-3 years depending on sun exposure.

How Liftech Can Help

Call Liftech for a free on-site estimate on acrylic concrete sealing. We’re happy to take a look at your concrete and provide the best concrete sealing solution that protects driveways, pathways, garage floors, and basement floors all year long!