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Liftech is a fully licensed and insured Colorado Corporation specializing in repairing, stabilizing, lifting, leveling, rehabilitating and installing concrete structures, both structural and non structural, associated with residential, commercial, and municipal applications. We are one of only three companies in the state of Colorado certified and authorized to install polyurethane systems specifically designed for geotechnical (in-ground) applications. We are proud, A+ accredited members of the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and Yelp! with superb ratings on every major consumer advocacy website. We raise, level, stabilize, and rehabilitate concrete structures, including flatwork and foundations, in the greater Denver area, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and beyond.

119272350_Hinksey_H_371241c-1THE EARTH IS CONSTANTLY MOVING

The earth’s soils are constantly moving, and with freezing, thawing, flooding, and drought, those soils expand and contract often, causing them to fail beneath the overlying concrete. The damaging effects Mother Nature wreaks on concrete flatwork and foundations happen during any season. It’s not uncommon to find roadways, bridges, sidewalks, walkways, porches, patios, stairs, driveways, garage floors, basement floors, or portions of ENTIRE buildings that have sunk, settled and deteriorated from mother nature and as a result of soil movement and compaction. Property owners are often faced with the daunting and potentially expensive task of replacing their failed concrete.


Liftech was founded in Denver, Colorado by a former home builder and general contractor who regularly experienced the issues failed concrete can cause.  Beyond the owner’s expertise, Liftech staff include former and current home builders, geologists, general contractors, certified technicians and salespeople who are well-versed in everything concrete.  While there are a myriad of ways to replace or repair concrete, Liftech utilizes not only the BEST, but also proven technologies and products to solve the problem of failed concrete structures.  From foundation repairs, to concrete leveling, to rehabilitating and sealing concrete and to pouring new concrete (for the unfortunate few we can’t help), Liftech has the best customer service, reputation, people and products in Colorado.


Until recently, concrete replacement or mudjacking were the only feasible, readily available options for sunken concrete. However, homeowners (and their contractors) often discover that replacement is not only costly, but tearing out and re-pouring concrete creates a huge mess for days, if not weeks. There has to be a better solution!

Mudjacking has been in existence for over 100 years and little has changed. Its a highly invasive and potentially messy process which involves hydraulically pushing sand and water under high pressure through pop can size holes under the concrete to raise the slabs. The sand and water mix (Slurry) is extremely heavy, weighing over 100 pounds per cubic foot, which adds a tremendous amount of unwanted weight to the failure. The mix of water and sand adds moisture to an already failing substructure which in most cases is what caused the failure to begin with. Slurry cannot repel or seal out moisture so over time,  hardened slurry has a tendency to absorb moisture, causing it to weaken, break down, slough off and eventually becoming part of the original failure. This is the primary reason why mudjacking is considered to be a temporary solution. Mudjacking was considered a reasonable alternative to replacing concrete until now.

After investigating and finding a better alternative to concrete replacement and mudjacking,  Liftech was initially founded as an advanced alternative process for lifting concrete utilizing polyurethane injections. The material is injected as a liquid, and through a chemical reaction, it forms an expandable, completely inert, closed-cell foam that stabilizes the loose soils (often the root of the problem), while lifting and leveling the concrete, bringing it back to its origin. Polyurethane is very lightweight, weighing less than 2 Pounds per cubic foot of material. The process requires small, penny-size injection holes, which means when the repair is complete you won’t even know we were there. Best of all the polyurethane cures as a solid structure, is impervious to moisture making it insusceptible to fracture or failure, which ensures that the concrete repair will not only look amazing, but will last. Our clients are now delighted to have Liftech as an alternative to mudjacking or replacement, AND SO MUCH MORE!